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Lyme disease is the fastest growing infectious disease in the UNITED STATES.

We’re shining a light on it.


Lyme Disease is wreaking havoc on millions of lives.

Over 476,000 new Lyme disease cases emerge each year, yet many medical professionals often dismiss or overlook this debilitating condition. Lyme patients frequently feel lonely and isolated, struggling to receive proper support.

I’m Not Crazy, I’m Sick is a Lyme disease documentary that chronicles the daily lives of three families and WNBA MVP Elena Delle Donne, in their fight for survival against this insidious illness. The Mode Family in Northern Maine survives on $150/month with limited access to treatment. Ash Baker, an artist in Maryland, has a dedicated doctor helping her get treatment covered by insurance. The Cleworth Family has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on Atty’s treatment, accessing the world’s best doctors and care. Elena Delle Donne has battled Lyme disease symptoms throughout her career, fighting not only the disease but for recognition and support.

This film highlights the physical, emotional, and financial struggles caused by Lyme, emphasizing the need for greater awareness, reliable testing methods, and accessible treatment options. Expert doctors, researchers, and advocates provide insights into the science and politics surrounding Lyme disease.

Through these inspiring stories, I’m Not Crazy, I’m Sick serves as a call to action to understand and support the millions worldwide living with this devastating illness.

Produced by Sypher Studios and Fieldhouse Productions, the documentary is shot by Emmy award-winning cinematographer Clair Popkin (Free Solo) and directed by Elle Brooks-Tao.




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I’m Not Crazy, I’m Sick on Good Day New York

Fox 5, May 10, 2023

CEO of the Global Lyme Alliance and executive producer Atty Cleworth visit Good Day to talk about the new documentary I’m Not Crazy, I’m Sick.

Lyme Disease Doc I’m Not Crazy, I’m Sick Sets May Release

Variety, April 4, 2023

Variety has released an exclusive trailer for I’m Not Crazy, I’m Sick. The film will be releasing May 30 for purchase or rental on Apple TV.

Global Lyme Alliance Celebrates I’m Not Crazy, I’m Sick at Annual New York City Gala

Forbes, October 14, 2022

The nonprofit is dedicated to conquering Lyme and other tick-borne diseases, and last night, awards were presented to Kim Cleworth and Atty Cleworth, co-executive producers of a documentary about the struggles of living with Lyme disease, which is called I’m Not Crazy, I’m Sick.

I’m Not Crazy, I’m Sick follows Atty Cleworth’s diagnosis with Lyme disease in 2019 after six long years of chronic illness, and aims to raise awareness on how debilitating Lyme disease can be. 

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